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How To Start A Jewelry Business: Wholesale Trade Shows

Trade shows are a great way to expose your jewelry line to a ton of retail store
owners shopping to fill their establishments. Some trade shows are regional in nature
and some attract buyers from all over the world. I loved the trade show scene. I felt
as if I had really moved into the big time. I met buyers from Disney, Cracker Barrel,
major Hallmark chains, QVC home shopping and Tuesday Morning.

If you are ready to take your wholesale accounts to the next level, trade shows are the
best place to be. The set up is quite a bit different than an art show but is easily
learned. Basically instead of stock, you will concentrate on displaying samples. You'll
need really great lighting to make your pieces sparkle and some interactive media to show
your manufacturing techniques such as a TV monitor that plays a looped video.

You will also need everything to make multiple sales not only at the show, but to supply
buyers the needed materials to take home with them before making a decision. Bring plenty
of order forms, catalogs, brochures, credit applications and promotional materials. The
displays you use are not only for your samples, but also to show what buyers can expect
from you in terms of displays you can send them for their stores.

Trade shows are usually well attended and are a bustle of activity in a fast paced environment.
Buyers have thousands of booths to visit in just a couple of days, collecting catalogs and
making decisions. The impression you make in terms of professionalism and expertise will
go along way in keeping your brand fresh in their minds for as long as possible. 

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