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How To Expand A Jewelry Business: Wholesale Pre-Packs

I'm glad your are considering wholesale as a way to expand your jewelry
business. Selling on a major scale to multiple accounts is a far different
animal than selling at art shows or the mall. Attracting store buyers and
getting them interested in your line is not difficult, but store owners do
things a certain way based on how the trade has been doing it for years.

Sales reps and manufacturers offer what is called a pre-pack to save time
and money. A pre-pack is a collection of a manufacturer's best sellers along
with displays and signs, all for one price. You would think that most store
owners would pick out the pieces they want to buy one by one, but that is not
the case. Some buyers do of course pick their own pieces, but most realize
that when it comes to jewelry and gemstones, they are not the are.

Sure, buyers know what they like when they see it, but what they like may not
necessarily be what sells the hottest. You as the manufacturer of your own
line knows that best. Compiling all of your hottest movers saves the buyer
time in trying to figure that out. Also, a pre-pack can act like a "bulk"
purchase in the buyers mind. Let them know that the pre-pack saves them "X"
amount of money over a bunch of single items.

Pre-packs should contain all of the displays necessary to set up the jewelry
lines that are in the pack. All the store buyer has to do is open the box and
set it up...done! This saves the buyer time as well. Price your pre-pack to a
simple round number such as $250, $400 or $650. Make a couple of different packages
and price points so the buyer has options to make a major purchase or one just
to try your line out. Making it easy on the buyer will make them spend more money.

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