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Jewelry Business Success Tips: Weigh Down Your Art Show Tent

Easy Up tents that you use for your art and craft shows can be very expensive. They can
cost you anywhere from $400 to over $1000 for a full set up with the zippered sides. But
it is almost impossible to work at a festival or outside art show without one. It will be
one of your most valuable investments while working outside as a jewelry artist, so you
need to protect.

I have seen so many tents that were not properly weighed down fly away during big storms.
The worst time this can happen is in the overnight hours when you are not there to monitor
it. Not only can your tent blow away, but the tent has a tendency to take your tables and
artwork with it. Rain may ruin or even cancel an art show, but I seen thousands of dollars
of artwork destroyed from a single gust of wind.

Using cement filled cans and trying them to the top of your canopy on each of the four
corners works well. Using the ground stakes that come with the tent when you purchase it
is usually not enough. A gust of wind can make the tent act like a kite and easily rip
the stakes from the ground. There needs to be an added weight such as sandbags or cinder
blocks. Keep in mind that it is hard to tote that kind of weight with you if you have to
walk your set up to your show space. make sure that you are able to drive your tents and
tables up close to your spot.

I have even gone so far as to tie my tent to trees, railings, fence posts and even my car.
If there is a chance that a storm may come through the area, you will need to do everything
possible to secure your belongings. Losing your tent is not just expensive, but you can lose
your ability to work the next shows you have lined up if you can't replace it right away. 

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