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How To Start A Jewelry Business: Twitter Your Artwork

Using Twitter is a cool way to let your followers know about all the new pieces of
jewelry you have made, special deals on your work and bits of information to help
your friends and customers get the most from their purchases. I have seen a big jump
in jewelers using Twitter to keep their followers informed of sales in their Etsy store
or Ebay listings, especially during the holiday. Providing a clickable link in your
tweet provides a quick and easy way to drive traffic. But how can you get the most from
your Twitter relationships?

A cool and personal way to welcome followers is to create a special landing page just
for them! The special page can have a coupon code or a cart button with an extended deal
just for them or a tip on where to get your best deals. Not only does this make your
Twitter follower feel special (somewhat hard to do with the mass social networking and
automation going on) you can also track the stats to that page to see just how efficient
your Twittering really is.

If you get a good response to the special page, you'll know to put a little extra effort
into your tweets. Social networking is fun, but can be a real time waster for busy jewelers
if it isn't putting more sales in your pocket. Building up a following of targeted prospects
is pretty easy, but to snap them into buying mode, offer them good advice and customer
service. Cleaning tips and educational information can be used to reward loyal followers.

If a follower mentions your username, retweets one of your tweets or sends you a direct
message, say "thank you." Personalizing your social network contacts can mean a lot in
terms of making friends and making sales. The people making the most money from Twitter
are not the ones that use automated bots to send a bunch of mass emails. They are the ones
that address their followers as individually as they can, reply to messages and offer
good advice, not just sales pitches.

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