how to start a jewelry business

Start A Jewelry Business: Taking That First Step

Everyone has dreams. Whether you really want to take that first step towards
realizing them is no one's decision but yours. And that first step can be the
hardest...for good reason. Because realizing your dreams has nothing to do with
talent, finances, whether your jewelry is good enough, your level of expirience
and education or what your husband, wife or friends have to say about it. It
has everything to do with giving yourself permission to step forward.

Opening up your own business starts with believing in yourself. No one else will
ever benefit from your talent if you don't put it out there. Not only do following
your dreams help your well being, your family and your faith in yourself, think
of all the people you can help beautify with the sparkling and unique creations
that you inspire.

Starting a jewelry business has nothing to do with how much money you have to
invest like most people would think. That's just an excuse. Of course, that's the
main reason people give. You can start out slowly with resources that literally
cost next to nothing. If you already make jewelry for a hobby or for friends and
family, you have already spent a good part of the investment needed: tools, gems,
materials, work space and findings. Other things that are needed to bring a
business to life can be found on the cheap: business license, logos, branding ideas,
a website, brochures and packaging.

What's the investment needed to go and talk to a store or gallery owner about
putting your line in their store? How much does it cost to invite your friends and
neighbors to a jewelry party in your home? Nothing really but the investment in
yourself. Armed with guidance and education, just looking in the mirror and saying
"Yes, this is my time to do this" will bring life to your aspirations. And no
future customer with a beautiful one-of-a-kind creation on their arm will regret
that you did.

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