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Jewelry Trends 2010: Handmade Jewelry Sets Your Store Apart

Handmade jewelry is more than a trend. It is an opportunity to give your
customers a unique one-of-a-kind piece that is guaranteed not to be on
the wrist of their neighbor by next week. It gives you the chance to
offer a niche' item that is sure to please whether it is made by you or
purchased for resale. More and more handmade artists are creating works of
art that exciting store owners and website visitors.

Handmade jewelry can include lampworked glass, kiln slumped glass, hammered
metals, polymer clay beads and carved wood and bone. They can include wire
wrapped gemstones, gold and silver smithing and even recycled eco jewelry.
No matter what kind medium the materials are worked in, it is a great draw
for stores and consumers that's unique and attractive.

Handmade jewelry artists have the freedom to create anything the see in their
minds! A friend of mine at creates tiny paper jewelry
earrings that look like novels. My friend Mei Pak of Tiny Hands creates tasty
little earrings that look like cupcakes and hot dogs. This is the kind of stuff
that store owners just can't find from imports and resell lines. But when they
advertise those special little items to their customers, it automatically sets
them apart from the rest of the local pack.

I sold lampworked nautical jewelry for years...dolphins, sea turtles, manatees
and sharks. The entire aspect of presenting a handmade line to my wholesale
customers thrilled them to death. In the midst of tons of imported jewelry, they
were happy to have a unique and individual addition to their stores.

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