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How To Start A Jewelry Store: Display Colors

This has been an age old argument from jewelers all over the world...what is the
best color to display jewelry on? You know every store, mall cart or artist likes
to use a number of display options: bracelet ramps, earring trees, necks, etc. But
each has his/her own preference about what color cloth or velvet will make their
jewelry look best.

I have noticed at most art shows that jewelry makers like black velvet. It really
makes gold and silver pop out when lit from above and makes solid color gemstones
such as turquoise vibrate up. But if black looks so great, why can't you name a
single professional jewelry store retail chain that uses it? They often use an
off white or ivory to display their pieces.

Neutral colors are best no matter whether it's black or white. Pastels, navy blues
and strong mixed colors will reflect negatively against clear or light color gemstones
and the precious metals they are set in. Neutral colors give a true representation
of the gemstone colors and prevent intrusive reflections. I've seen a gemstone just
catch a bit of a nearby dark color and reflect it on each facet of the stone, giving
the impression of dozens of tiny inclusions throughout. No good!

The clear winner is Ivory. It will give you a clear representation of most gems,
cabs, stones and metals, including pearls. Black is fine, but not for an enclosed
jewelry store area with overhead halogen lighting. All those black displays will make
the entire store look "dark" especially from out in the hallway. Ivory will reflect
the halogen lights back up towards the ceiling, giving your store an airy and inviting

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