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How To Start A Jewelry Business: Choosing A Hot Keyword

Marketing yourself and your jewelry business on the Internet can be lucrative and
profitable. But how do you set yourself apart from all the other websites on the net?
Keywords are how search engines find the appropriate webpages to give to a searcher in
their results. Matching up the exact phrases that someone types in a Google search box
to the webpage that those same words are on is how a search engine works. If your
keywords are too general or there is a ton of competing websites with the exact same
words, how will you stand apart?

Niche keywords are always better to use than general ones. Yes, there maybe fewer people
searching on those niche keywords, but you'll have a better chance at reaching those people.
A niche keyword is something narrower or more specific than a general term. "Jewelry" for
instance, is a word that is part of every website selling jewelry. Not only that, every
website just educating people about jewelry will have that word somewhere on their site.
But how many websites specifically have the words: "wire-wrapped blue topaz" in their text?
Only the ones that are selling that item, probably. Take a look at what you sell. Can you
narrow down the keywords you use?

The title bar of a website (that blue bar at the very top of your browser) is where the
search engines look first for keywords. In most jewelry websites that I see, they will
make the mistake of only putting the word "jewelry for sale" or even worse, "Home." Have
your website designer pay special attention to the title bar and tell them to put niche
keywords in the title bar of each page of your site. Pay attention to your niche keywords
when making titles for Youtube videos, articles, blog posts and domain names. You'll see
yourself higher and higher in the search results if you do!

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