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Starting A Jewelry Business: Art Show Banners

Signs and advertising are an important part of the retail strategy to get customers in
the door of your store. But even at art and craft shows, signs play an important to the
visibility of your booth. At most art shows, even highly juried ones, you can have a
tasteful banner clipped to the front top section of your easy-up tent so that people can
see your store name from a distance.

A good craft show will be a busy one. It is hard to see signs and displays that are just
at table level when crowds are thick. After 18+ years and 400 festivals later, I know how
underutilized using banners on your tent can be. Only a small percentage of artists seem
to use tent advertising, but the ones that do attract the larger crowds. You should make
your banner, fonts and logos tell the crowd what kind of merchandise you are selling.

Choosing the right kind of banner will make it easier to travel and set up your sign. A
banner for festivals should be a vinyl one about 5 feet long by 18 inched wide. This makes
it easy to roll up for traveling and waterproof for when it rains. A banner like this can
last years if you take care of it.

Banners are smart advertising even at art and craft shows. They alert the crowds about the
kind of merchandise you are selling long before they get anywhere near your booth. Art shows
have gotten very competitive over the last couple of years due to the tightening wallets
of festival goers. There is only so much money to go around, and you'll want the lion's share.
Do all you can to make yourself stand out and look like a professional.

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